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zion missionary baptist church

welcome to our church
rev. h. m. dailey, pastor

welcome to zion missionary baptist church.   we are truly a church of the glorious kingdom of god.  god’s amazing grace has again demonstrated in his protection and preservation of the church fellowship.  it is clear we are in this place as a worshipping, servicing, and a ministering body because of his grace.  his purpose and the guiding presence of the holy spirit are undoubtedly the lifeblood of our growth..

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the holy spirit matures and guides the growth of the church both internally and externally.  the holy spirit empowers the church and enables the church to do the work god has commissioned us to do.  we are one body, laboring together with god.  we are called to be members of the same body, his body, the church of the lord jesus christ.

we have been blessed in many ways.  we thank god who has kept us and sustained us as a local church as well as an appointed, established church of his glorious kingdom for one hundred and thirty-one years.  god’s blessings will continue to flow as we continue to serve.

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